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CETAC.MEDIA is a research centre on Information and Communication in Technologically Mediated Contexts hosted by the Universities of Aveiro (Dept of Communication and Art) and Porto (Faculty of Humanities), Portugal. The research agenda of CETAC.MEDIA is four folded:

Information Organization and Representation
Research on technical and life cycle issues of Information, from production to storage, focused on meta-information, controlled languages, information flow analysis and representation, access and search tools, classification, conceptual maps, information architectures and visualization.

Informational Behavior
Research on Informational needs and user’s attitudes in technologically mediated contexts, adopting an interdisciplinary point of view that crosses Information Science, Computer Science, Cognitive Science and Design.

Communication Processes in New Media
Research on how the characteristics of new media influence communication and socialization processes on digital networks. Special focus is given to online journalism in Portuguese and to usability issues.

Applications of Participatory Media
Research on participatory media applications.Focus is given to specification, prototyping and validation in real contexts of the Information and Communication aspects of the applications. Special attention has been given to applications in Education and Training, Health, Interactive TV, Tourism and Videogames.